Pressure Washing

We use highly efficient pressure washing techniques with to make your driveways, walkways, stone or brick walls, and paver tile surfaces like new again. We also make sure to thoroughly rinse the surrounding areas to make sure everything looks great afterwards. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

According to the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), dirty solar panels reduce energy output by up to 30%.  Don't let environmental pollutants and bird droppings cost you money.  We use a deionized water system to safely and efficiently cleaning your solar panels. Our process is the safest method for cleaning your solar panels (actually safer than rainfall, which contains acidic compounds due to pollution), and easily meets your manufacturer warranty care requirements.  

Moss Removal 

In the Pacific Northwest, moss grows like crazy, especially on roofs. This can undermine the integrity of your roof and lead to damage over time. Our preferred method is to brush off the moss by hand and remove it immediately. We don't use any toxic chemicals that can damage your property and potentially kill your plants or harm your pets. And all moss removals include a complete roof blow off and clean up of the grounds below. 

Window Cleaning

We are passionate about cleaning both residential and commercial windows using a combination of methods. First and foremost, we are traditional window cleaners. That means we carefully wash and detail each piece of glass by hand the same way it has been done for decades with soap and water, squeegees, and lint-free towels. It may take a little more time, but we are absolutely meticulous in making sure you can have a crystal clear view after we're finished.

For areas that are difficult to access or where traditional methods aren't an option, we utilize a purified water-fed system that allows us to scrub and rinse your windows and frames without using any chemicals or detergents and leaves a streak and spot-free finish. This system also allows us to reach heights while at the same time eliminating the risk of using ladders or scaffolding. We also use the latest technology in screen cleaning to make sure any removable mesh screens are scrubbed and rinsed better than you've ever had them cleaned before. 

Gutter Cleaning 

Don't worry about getting up on a ladder or on your roof. We are highly experienced at cleaning out your gutters, flushing out the downspouts and clearing any blockages to make sure your gutters system keeps flowing. Every gutter cleaning includes removing the debris and hauling it away so you never have to see it, smell it, or worry about disposing of it yourself. Let us take care of it for you!