The Pure Green Clean Difference


Our mission is to make every one of our clients happy! Enjoy peace of mind knowing we are taking care of cleaning and maintaining your property. We are committed to your satisfaction - We're happy when you're happy with our work.

Whether you want us to pressure wash your surfaces, remove debris and unclog your gutters, clean your windows or solar panels, we work with you to maximize the value of our services.  Our owners have over seven years' experience in cleaning and maintaining high quality assets such as real estate and yachts.

In the case of our pressure wash cleaning services, we use gentle certified Eco-Friendly cleaners (if needed) with pressurized water to make sure the surfaces we're working on are as pristine as possible when we've finished our work.

We are the only company in the Pacific Northwest that utilizes the latest 'Ultrapure Waterfed Pole' technology for cleaning your exterior windows, solar panels, and other surfaces. Our system utilizes a special Ultrapure Deionized water system that does not require any additional soaps or detergents to clean your windows to a sparkling finish. Our cleaning system is actually gentler on your solar panels and window glass surfaces than rainfall.

If you want to enjoy that beautiful 'like new' appearance on your driveway, sidewalks, and brick or paver stones for many years, we can also apply our 'green technology' sealant after we finish our preparatory cleaning process (weather permitting).   This will 'lock in' the natural beauty of your surfaces for years.

You won't find a company more committed to restoring and protecting the natural beauty of your property to your satisfaction.  We use the latest Eco-Friendly cleaning and preservation technologies, and are dedicated to making sure you're happy with our services.


We assure your satisfaction every step of the way. When you have questions, our trained, professional technicians are always ready to help. Don't let your property deteriorate because of environmental pollutants and neglect.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Serving our neighbors in the Portland Metro and Pacific Northwest regions

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