Q: How much experience do your company's employees have with surface cleaning and maintenance?

A: Our company's principals have over seven years' experience with providing exterior surface cleaning on a variety of surfaces while working with other companies. We started this business because we felt we could provide better value and perform better work than our predecessor employers.

Q: Is Pure Green Clean insured?

A: Yes, Pure Green Clean is fully licensed and insured with up to $2 million of liability coverage.

Q: Does Pure Green Clean Warranty its work?

A: Yes, we take pride in our service and want to make sure our customers love the job we do for them because our success is based on long term customer relationships and referrals from satisfied customers!  We warranty all services and make sure everything we commit to is completed to our customer's satisfaction or we will do whatever it takes to make sure it is.

Q: Where is the company based?

A: We are based in Portland, Oregon, but serve many parts of the Pacific Northwest region, including Washington State.  For properties located outside of the general Metro area, please call us to see if we can serve your region.

Q: Do you charge anything to come out and review our property needs?

A: We do not charge anything to come out and assess your property's cleaning and maintenance needs and provide you a quote. There is no cost and no obligation to you.

Q: What types of soaps or cleaning agents do you use with your surface treatments?

A: For our pressure washing treatment on driveways and other concrete or stone surfaces, we may (if needed) use a very gentle, Eco-friendly degreaser (typically on driveways and garage floors where oil stains may occur). For windows and solar panels, we only use highly purified (Deionized) water because it is more effective than using soap without needing to provide a second rinse - it is a cleaner process than using rain water, and stays clean longer because no sticky film is left from using detergents. Our organic moss killer and treatment is a plant based extract that is completely biodegradable.

Q: What is Ultrapure Deionized water?

A: Ultrapure Deionized water is 99.9% pure water (H2O).  We use a very sophisticated three phase micro-filtration system that actively removes virtually all minerals and other impurities from the water itself, while we're using it.  Using the purest form of water is why your glass surfaces will dry to a sparkling finish and stay clean longer. There is no film residue left behind on the glass with our pure water cleaning system, versus from chemicals used by other cleaners which leave a residue that will attract environmental pollutants. Our Ultrapure Deionized water actually attracts dirt particles (like a wet sponge) as the water is applied with a combined gentle brushing action.  This completely removes the dirt and grime from your surfaces, leaving a sparkling clean finish. This is also why an extra rinse cycle is not required to complete your exterior window or solar panel cleaning job with our pure water system.  Regular tap water, with its saturated impurities, and/or window cleaning chemicals, are what cause streaking and spotting, and attract dirt particles after the cleaning is done.

Q: How much do you charge for your different services?

A: We have a standard affordable rates for each service which we will gladly provide upon your free evaluation.  With one of our special Discount Programs* you can get our top quality cleaning services at below our standard market rates for cleaning services.

Q: What are recommended service intervals for the different services offered by Pure Green Clean?

A: Some of the recommended service intervals will be based on our client's preferences; however we make the following recommendations to maximize your property's care and value all year long:

  • Solar Panel Cleaning - In order to maximize your solar panel's energy production this should be completed at least quarterly or more frequently as needed.   Remember, the NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab)  has proven that dirty solar panels can cost you up to 30% of your solar panel's electricity production; costing you money.  We can help you maximize your solar energy investment.
  • Exterior Window Cleaning - Frequency of exterior and interior window cleaning can be subjective based on your preferences.  This can be an especially difficult task if you have a two story property and the upper windows are very difficult to reach. The minimum we recommend is every three to six months, or monthly if you run a retail or office based business that needs to look its best for your customers.  We can custom tailor a cost effective plan for your or your business' needs.
  • Exterior Building Cleaning - This is another unique service that we provide where we literally wash the dirt and grime from the exterior walls of your house or commercial building (up to two stories high).  Because this surface does not get the same type of exposure to dirt and pollutants as ground surfaces, we recommend this once per year.
  • Ground and Wall Pressure Washing - Concrete, stone and brick surfaces all get grimy and sometimes develop mold and mildew with the damp climate in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.  To minimize the build up of dirt accumulation, and maximize the beauty of your property, we recommend this type of cleaning at least annually, but ideally twice annually.
  • Ground and Wall Sealants - We are one of very few companies in the country that have the ability to provide an all-in-one pressure cleaning and sealant process that can be applied and cured within 24 hours from wet application. If you opt for this treatment, pressure cleaning will not be necessary for up to two to three years from application, while keeping your driveway, patio, and stone or brick walls looking pristine. Recommended once every two to three years.
  • Gutter Cleaning - If your property is surrounded by any trees, then this should be done as frequently as needed to keep your property's drainage system functioning properly.  Poor drainage can result in significant water damage due to seepage into porous surfaces of your house or commercial building. We recommend this be done at least once or twice a annually (or more) as needed.
  • Moss Treatment - This is also a maintenance challenge because of the beautiful wet weather we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately the dampness attracts moss and mildew growth. After the initial moss removal and treatment, we recommend the application of our organic moss treatment once a year, preferably in dry weather as it is most effective when allowed to completely penetrate the remaining layer on your roof after removal.

Q: Do you offer any promotions or special discounts?

A: We have special Referral Discount, 'Friends and Family' Group Discount (for multiple owners in the same neighborhood), and Annual Maintenance Subscription Discount programs.  Our special discount programs can save you up to 20% off our regular service pricing!  We also offer a 10% discount for AARP members or Active Duty Military families. (Because our special Discount Programs are so generous, we cannot combine multiple discount offers).

Q: What sustainable and environmental organizations do you support?

A: We have narrowed our list of recipients down to several organizations which have shown great stewardship with the resources they have been entrusted, to preserve and protect our environment.  We have dedicated 10% of our profits to support the worthy organizations listed below.

Following is the current list, however we are also open to more suggestions.  Please click on each image to find out additional information on each great organization.

*Prepaid service pricing incentives from any of our Property Maintenance Plans can provide maximum discounts of up to 20% off of our standard rates.