Driveway, Walkway, and Patio Surface Care

We use highly efficient pressure wash cleaning techniques with gentle, certified Eco-Friendly cleaners to make your driveways, walkways, stone or brick walls and paver tile surfaces like new again. We can take this one step further by 'locking in' that pristine appearance with safe, specialized sealants that will give your property lasting beauty for many years to come.

Moss Removal and Organic Treatment

Our method of removing moss preserves the life of your roof because we physically brush off the accumulated moss, remove this debris from your yard, then follow up with an organic spray treatment to kill and retard the growth of additional moss on your roof. If our organic treatment is applied once a year, you should never experience a moss problem again for the life of your roof..

Safe, Specialized Cleaning for Solar Panels

According to the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), dirty solar panels reduce energy output by up to 30%.  Don't let environmental pollutants and bird droppings cost you money.  We are the only company in the Pacific Northwest that uses an Ultrapure, Deionized water system for safely and efficiently cleaning your solar panels. Our process is the safest method for cleaning your solar panels (actually safer than rainfall, which contains acidic compounds due to pollution), and easily meets your manufacturer warranty care requirements.  Call us for more information.

Surface Cleaning, Maintenance & Preservation

100% Ultrapure Water 'Green Tech' Window Cleaning

We are the only company in the Pacific Northwest that utilizes the latest 'Ultrapure Waterfed Pole' technology for cleaning your exterior windows and other surfaces. Our system utilizes a special Ultrapure Deionized water system that do not require any additional soaps or detergents to clean your windows to a sparkling finish.  Our specialized, water-fed telescoping poles can reach up to three stories without having to use ladders.

Gutter Cleaning and Debris Removal

Our experienced team can also remove dirt and debris, and can unclog your gutters and downspouts so you don't have to risk your safety by climbing on ladders.  We will help you make sure your property is well maintained and your gutters are doing their job.


 With our Annual Property Care Plan

We designed this plan for property owners that want to save money on the annual costs of regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance. It's a known fact that part of protecting your property's value requires regularly scheduled care.  We make sure that you are maximizing your property's value through regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance while saving you up to 20% on our combined services with a monthly subscription plan. 

Our Annual Property Care Plan subscription includes:

Solar panel cleaning
Window washing

Whole Exterior Property Washing (up to 2 Stories)

Pressure washing
Gutter cleaning and debris removal
Moss Removal and Organic Treatment

We can schedule these services either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Call or email us today for details or a FREE estimate:

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